A Unique Story

What’s yours?


A brand is the unique story that consumers recall when they think of you.”

That’s Laura Busche’s definition in her book Lean Branding, and it works for me.

This is something most radio stations and personalities pay little attention to, sadly.

If you asked 100 listeners to describe you using only one word, what would it be, and would there be consistency among all the listeners asked?

If the word is “music,” your brand is threatened.

Music is the reason listeners choose your station at the outset, but if music is all you offer them, I think they’ll be pried away eventually by options with less clutter, fewer commercials, better features, and better music for their individual tastes.

How can your station tell a unique story listeners will recall when you have so many different personalities hosting shows throughout the day?

This I can help you with.
























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