client testimonials


Portland | KINK – KUPL

I have known and been professionally associated with Doug Erickson for 32 years. I have managed four separately owned major-market clusters and contracted with Doug to provide programming analyses for stations in each cluster. Without exaggeration, I value Doug’s opinion for the following reasons: His independent intellect, his uncompromising integrity, his intuitive understanding of how listeners use radio, his breadth of general knowledge and its selective application to radio, and his cool, straightforward manner in even the most stressful scenarios. Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss my association with Doug.”

Steve Keeney
Vice President & General Manager
KINK, Portland 


Seattle | KRWM

I have known Doug Erickson for over 15 years. During that time he served as a programming consultant for me when I was General Manager at KRWM – Warm 106.9 – in Seattle. I found his advice, wise counsel and programming suggestions and ideas to be right on the mark. I also recommended Doug for overseas work – not only because of his tremendous expertise in radio programming, but also because of his unique ability to forge positive connections with people from many walks of life. Consequently, he successfully served Groupe NRJ in Paris as a programming consultant for nearly a decade.”

Marijane Milton
Vice President Training & Development
Entercom Radio


Detroit | WJR

Doug Erickson has a unique ability to focus your product where it needs to be focused: on the listener. He doesn’t offer ‘consultant-in-a-box’ remedies. He analyzes each product individually. Doug believes your station is a living, breathing entity, passionately absorbed by the audience, and he brings a holistic approach to radio stations by helping you synchronize perception, expectation and execution.”


Byron “Ron” Harrell
Program Director WDVD/WDRQ



Doug Erickson helped me program, market and research the two largest adult music radio networks in France for 7 years. His insight and international experience made the difference and had the desired impact in the French market, achieving 4 audience records during our 7 year collaboration. I highly recommend Doug as a Programming, Marketing and Content consultant. He has expertise in all music and Talk formats, has incredible promotional ideas, and loves to create the uniqueness that makes stations win audience.”



New York | WABC

I have known, and worked with, Doug for over 25 years. In a world where every decision is crucial and there is no room for error, Doug can be that one go-to person that sees over the horizon and can help you achieve your goals.”



Phil Boyce
President, Talk Radio Network Syndications
President of Programming, Talk Radio Network
New York, New York


Washington, DC | OLDIES 100, WBIG-FM

What I valued most about working with Doug is that he made me think. He took us out of our comfort zone and — even when we were #1 — looked at ways to improve, grow and continue to succeed. If you are looking for someone to rubber stamp the status quo, Doug is not your guy. However, if you want to achieve greatness, hire him today!”



Steve Allan
Program Director


Los Angeles | KABC

Doug is the secret ingredient that many stations use (and have used) to execute a terrific on-air product. He’s pragmatic, intelligent, creative, and most of all a “voice of reason.” He’s multi-format capable; having worked with News/Talk, OLDIES/Classic Hits, AC, Country, AAA, and both domestic and international broadcasters love him. I would highly recommend Doug.”

David Baronfeld
Senior Vice President Westwood One Networks
Los Angeles, California


Singapore | Media Hub of SE Asia

There is no radio consultant more thoughtful and dedicated than Doug Erickson. Doug’s experience across formats and markets – in the US and abroad – is extraordinary. His is not the advice for everybody, it’s the advice for those who want a partner in success who knows them, their challenges, and cares deeply about what happens next.”

Mark Ramsey
President Mark Ramsey Media
San Diego, California


Atlanta | WFOX

Several years ago, I inherited Doug’s services, and I admit I questioned the need for a programming consultant at the time. I quickly changed my mind when I saw the impact Doug’s input had on our ratings. With Doug’s help we attained a number one ranking in the coveted Adult 25 – 54 demographic and he helped keep us in the top five. Doug is a content and branding specialist, who focuses on what comes between and around the songs: all spoken and recorded content, which includes talent, liners, sweepers, promos, jingles, information services, etc.”

Rick Mack
Vice President/General Manager
WSTR-FM Atlanta


Washington, DC | WBIG – WASH

I had the privilege of having Doug Erickson as a consultant for several years at WBIG and WASH. Both became top-rated stations and Doug was an integral part of their success. Doug understands on-air personalities and how to maximize their individual talent. He is disciplined himself in creating a strong, audience-directed and highly rated show and expects the same when consulting and coaching talent. And his greatest value is being a sounding board for management. An exceptional listener, a perceptive analyst, and a reliable confidant create a strong addition to any station in any format.”

Catherine Meloy
Vice President & General Manager
Washington, DC



<blockquote><em>Doug’s thirst for new thinking, customer-centric ideas and positive results makes him a great partner for any client. We all need someone to move us along, out of comfort and into a new competitive frame. There are so many times each year that I get an email from him that makes me sit back and think – and then act. Hire him!”</em></blockquote><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>April Thayer <br />CEO Thayer Media <br />Denver, Colorado</strong></p>


San Diego | Broadcast Company of the Americas

Doug played a very essential role in building The Walrus into a successful station. I have been particularly grateful for his overall commitment to our Company and the efforts far in excess of the contract that he displayed. I’m grateful for his advice, counsel and friendship. I will look forward to a long relationship with Erickson Media.”


John T. Lynch
President and CEO
Broadcast Company of the Americas
San Diego, California


Chicago | The Windy City

Erickson Media provides relevance, innovative thinking and calm intellect and I can’t express my gratitude for those traits in times like these. Through my years of working with Doug, we have had the good fortune of staying competitive both in content and in revenue even in this difficult economic environment.  Doug has been an instrumental part of our team.  His vast experience and straight forward approach to business are qualitiies that all companies utilize in today’s competitive marketplace.”

Suzy Le Clair
Executive Marketing


Nashville, Music City USA | WJXA – MIX 92.9

Working with Doug is like having him in the building and on your team full-time. Because Doug is very selective about who he chooses to work with, you’ll get a far more personalized approach as a result. We find that not only refreshing but also rewarding: his perspective on what’s happening in the industry is invaluable to us and his objectivity is a powerful component to our decision-making process. Doug will always tell you what he feels is the truth, what he feels you need to hear, regardless of whether the news is good or bad. Isn’t that what you pay a consultant for? Put him on your team and expect good things to happen.”

Dennis Gwiazdon
Vice President/General Manager
South Central Communications
Nashville, Tennessee