You’re Meant For This

It’s bigger than you think


I write often about the privilege offered to you by your stage, your radio show.

I want to remind you that you affect people you never see, people you never meet — but only if you use your talent for more than jokes and liners.

Only if you try to connect on a deeper, more personal level.

ESPN is in the story-telling business, and sports is just the glue that bonds all the different characters.

You are also in the story-telling business and your local community is the glue that bonds all the different characters you feature.

Find the stories in your town. Find the miracles, maybe even a personal one — your miracle.

Share them.

Some will make us laugh. Some will make us cry.

Even if only one story touches only one listener, you’ve used your stage the way it was intended.

You were meant for this, for this deep connection, for this ray of hope, for this dose of optimism.

You are meant for this!


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