Your Valentine’s Promotion

Love advice

This takes some time which is why we’re talking about it now.

It’s cute. It’s fun. It’s perfect for sponsors. And, it can be added video content for your web site.

The key is getting kids to talk alone, out of a group, because in a group setting they all answer at once.

They need to be old enough to be intelligible but young enough to say unexpected things. A kindergarten or Montessori pre-school is perfect.

Ask questions like these that can’t be answered in one word.

Ask questions about their mom and dad.

Record everything on a digital camera for easy editing and sharing online.

Send home permission slips with the kids a week before you arrive to record them, and then send another one home the day you do reminding them to listen on Valentine’s Day.

Kids really do say the cutest things and that can make for magic radio.