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Your Unique Signature

Your Unique Signature

If you dare…


Each one of us has a unique signature, inherited from our ancestors, our landscape, our language, and beneath it a half-hidden geology of existence: memories, hurts, triumphs, and stories in our lineage that have not yet been fully told.”

That’s the poet, David Whyte, from his book Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words.

Our genius is to understand and stand beneath the set of stars present at our birth, and from that place, to seek the hidden, single star, over the night horizon, we did not know we were following.”

Your job on earth is to tell your story, to share its uniqueness with as many people as you can, and to listen to and learn from their stories which are shared with you.

You probably won’t do that until you really understand how unique you are, until you feel it.

Fight those who try to make you like everyone else.

Use the stage and the microphone you have chosen to let others see inside.

That’s your real calling, your true purpose.