Your True Fans



Donald Trump understands media better than any politician before him.

He never, ever forgets his true fans, his base, the people who are most passionate about him.

You would do well to pay attention to how he does that so that you never, ever forget your true fans: the people who listen to you every day, who absolutely love you and what you say, who are the key to your success, regardless of format.

They will spread your story. They will proselytize for you. Not because you ask them, because they want to.

Understand that this is a tiny subsection of everyone who hears you every day.

They can be easy to overlook because you’re constantly told you only win with the largest numbers.

But you only get the largest numbers when this tiny subsection sings your praises every chance they get.

If you work on a music station, they are, of course, fans of the music your station plays, but if you want to be on this music station for the next 20 or 30 years, if you want to be the one jock everyone in your town knows, you’re got to feed the passion of your true fans.

And you can’t do that if you don’t know who they are and what makes them most passionate — not about your music, but about you!

Music is a tool to stoke their passion but they have to be true fans of you, of the person they know you to be on the air every day.

That’s worth spending some time thinking about.

And once you understand it, also understand that every PD, every corporate executive who wants you to tone down your content, to make it safer, less likely to generate complaints and outrage…they are not serving your purposes.

Talk specifically to those passionate few who will go out singing your story later today to everyone they know.

That’s how you win.


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