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Your Three Words

Your Three Words

This will be illuminating!


If I ask you to pick three words to describe your spouse, you could do it.

You might have to think a bit, because using only three words makes each individual word more important.

So what if I asked you to describe your station using only three words. What three words would you choose?

How about your show, your identity as an air talent? Three words only.

What are they?

Just to check yourself, ask someone else what their three words would be to describe your show, your on-air identity.

Are they the same as yours?

It’s kind of a problem if they’re completely different because your perceptions of yourself aren’t matching the perceptions others have of you.

You could do this easily during your next AMT. Just add a question at the end of the test:  What three words best describe…and list the top 5 stations in your market, and your own, if you’re not already Top 5.

How about you as a person? Not your on-air identity, but you, the real you?

What 3 words would your spouse use to define all you are to him/her?

If you don’t like what you hear, it’s time to begin the work of re-defining yourself through your actions.

As George Eliot is quoted, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.