Your Output Depends on Your Input



I’ve become a big fan of Austin Kleon. He’s an artist, a designer, and an author.

I subscribe to his blog, which comes every Friday, and there’s almost always a nugget there that makes me think, or brings me joy.

Like this one from a few months ago:

In your life, you will be evaluated on your output. Your boss will evaluate you on your output. If you’re a writer like me, the audience will evaluate you on your output.

But your input is just as important. If you don’t have good input, you cannot maintain good output.

The problem is no one manages your input. The boss never cares about your input. The boss doesn’t care about what books you read. Your boss doesn’t ask you what newspapers you read. The boss doesn’t ask you what movies you saw or what TV shows or what ideas you consume.

You can read the whole post HERE.

You may not be a writer, but you need to produce timely, relevant, impactful content every day!

And if you haven’t yet figured out that the input sources you feed on when you’re out of the studio help in that task, it’s time.

One of my inputs is Austin’s blog. You can subscribe to it HERE.


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