Your Opportunity

Seize it!

As more and more companies create a top executive position as Chief Content Officer (CCO), you should feel encouraged.

After all, you’ve been the Chief Content Officer of your show for a long time — and if you’re not, you need to find another platform.

The largest part of your content on any music station is out of your hands, but it also leaves you that much more time to prepare the parts of your show that aren’t music.

We know listeners don’t stick with us for hours at a time.

If you can’t come up with 4-5 really interesting stories to tell me every day, you’re probably in the wrong business, because the internet has made the entire world your source.

The challenge, what separates the best from the rest, is knowing how to generate emotional hooks within very brief interactions.

Yes, editing is key, but brevity without any emotional hooks is still blah for most people. Inside the station, we call those “liners.”

Make me feel what it’s like to know someone on that Malaysian airliner.

Make me feel what it’s like to be backstage at the Country Music Awards, rubbing shoulders with stars.

Make me feel what it’s like to be hungry and homeless and desperate and alone.

Make me feel!

If you can’t do that, you don’t need more airtime. You actually need less.