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Your GSM Needs to See This

Your GSM Needs to See This

Today, if possible


One of the things that’s hurt Radio is that it’s become totally transactional.

In Radio’s case, (perhaps in every case), transactional = cheaper.

Radio has never commanded the rates it warrants given its ubiquity and potential, but part of that is on us, in Radio, because we won’t pay for good copy, or great voice acting. And Radio does a really poor job of promoting just how effective we are. We undervalue our own product.

We just want the money, and we don’t want to have to work all that hard to get it.

But, as everyone who sells should know. “People don’t buy products, they buy better versions of themselves.”

So maybe THIS TRUE STORY will inspire you, and your sales team.

It starts with an idea.

It requires great copy and execution.

But think how that could make you stand apart from every other station and company you compete with.

On the one hand you may say that this isn’t your issue. Your only issue is demo ranking. Buyers don’t care about anything else.

That may be true. I’m not a salesman.

But we’ll never know until some station has the courage to step in front of every other station and try, will we?