Your Favorite Subject?



What’s your favorite on-air subject?

That’s why most radio content begins with “I” …
Now, that can be effective IF your talent is within the¬† 5-year age range of your listener target. Think Taylor Swift…
When she first came on the scene, I remember asking a PD I was working with about Swift because I didn’t get her appeal. The answer was simple: she was singing about stuff that girls her age are going through. They could relate to her lyrics. This old white guy was not her target.
The downside to this habit of talking about yourself is more easily understood when you think about the people you’re drawn to at parties and social events.
How often do you listen rhapsodically to that person regaling you about his/her achievements?
Most of us prefer to hang with people that ask questions about us, show interest in us, more often than they blather on about themselves.
So, how will this change your wording when you’re talking on-air?
That’s worth a few minutes of thought today, don’t you think?