Your Content Sheet

Looks like this?


The best content on radio engages listeners almost immediately.

It provokes an emotional reaction. It leads to outrage or laughter or tears.

It’s memorable enough to be repeated to coworkers and friends after they’ve stopped listening.

This is what one day’s content sheet should look like before you enter the studio:

Just 2% of the world’s population and 5% of white people in the US have naturally blond hair — but 35% of female US senators and 48% of female CEOs at S&P 500 companies are blond. Only 2% of male Fortune 500 CEOs are blond.

A new start-up wants to bankroll your lawsuit. They’ll decide which cases to take on through an — wait for it — algorithm that analyzes factors like the presiding judge’s track record, the lawyers involved, and the court type.

Men are happier and healthier when wives share the burden of making money.

Over 40% of burkinis sold by Ahilda, the leading maker of swimwear in Europe, are sold to non-Muslims. Would you be more likely to take your kids swimming if you could wear one?

A man in India just had surgery to remove the 40 knives he had swallowed over the years.

Multiple studies have shown that seeing the career and relationship successes, vacation photos, and other happy news from FB friends leaves you jealous, depressed, and feeling like a loser, even when you’re glad that things are going well for them.

Would you want your pediatrician to drop patients who refuse to get their kids vaccinated?

Sexting. Seriously? Have you — or anyone you know — ever sexted?

You heard about the guy in Arkansas whose robotic vacuum cleaner ran over a pile of dog poop? The Roomba sucked up the mess and spread it across every conceivable surface leaving the house to look like a “Jackson Pollock poop painting.”

Studies show that pets in the office can lower workers’ stress and boost productivity. Cutest office pet?

Jeni Stepien’s father was murdered a decade ago, but his heart was with her when she got married last month. She was walked down the aisle by Arthur Thomas, 72. who received her dad’s donated heart in 2006. The two kept in touch and when she asked Thomas if he would give her away, he agreed and they met in person for the first time. After walking her down the aisle, he put her hand on his chest so she could feel her dad’s heart beating as she said her vows.

A recent study shows that young people who use Tinder are more likely to be unhappy with their appearance and have lower levels of self-worth than those who don’t use the dating app.

Baseball ump, Bob Davidson, ejected a fan for loudly heckling him during a Giants/Phillies game.

A Manhattan jeweler accidentally threw away a pouch containing diamonds worth $865,000 and turned in a claim to his insurance company. Lloyds of London is refusing to pay.

Uh oh. Leroy Black was a well-loved man. When the 55 year-old NJ resident died of cancer last month two nearly identical, dueling obituaries appear in the Press of Atlantic City. The first death notice stated that he was “survived by his loving wife, Bearetta Harrison Black. The second, placed directly below it noted that he was “survived by his longtime girl friend, Princess Hall.”

Why are Millennials having less sex?

TSA agents in Phoenix refused to let a 9 year-old and his parents board a plane because they suspected his pacemaker was a terrorist bomb implanted in his chest. The agents claimed to have foiled similar plots using kids in the past, and insisted on taking the boy to a private room for a prolonged search.

A 15 year-old Toronto girl called 911 to report that her parents had forced her to go on vacation to a rural cabin that she didn’t like.