Your Company’s Greatest Asset?

Say “cheese”…

It’s hard to find a radio CEO who doesn’t talk about employees being the company’s greatest asset.

As money gets tighter at Cumulus and Clear Channel, the memo praising “our great employees” will probably be on the other side of the one announcing the latest staff firings.

Bain Capital knows how to save money and trees, though I bet I know which one matters most to them.

We could feel picked on except that about half of the employees in every industry feel like they’re getting sucker-punched a lot too.

Job satisfaction in America is at a 22-year low, according to CNN Money.

Maybe that’s why Congress is intent on limiting unemployment; even at half pay, it feels better than the abuse and stress we get on the job.

I keep thinking some really smart, rich, radio guy will figure out that you get a lot more out of employees who are engaged, who feel part of a shared mission — as opposed to feeling part of a gigantic scam to award huge bonuses to a couple of members of one family or executive team — than those who hate the people they work for and the stress of being over-worked and under-appreciated.

FAST COMPANY shared an article recently that said half of us would take less money to work for a company that’s making a difference in our world. For younger workers, the stat is 65%.

We want our work lives to have a purpose.

Maybe they beat the common sense out of you before they award those MBA’s from Harvard and Wharton.

According to this guy, “…the single greatest advantage in the modern economy is a happy and engaged workforce.”

I’m thinking he may not have visited that Apple factory in China yet, but let’s save that for another post.

He backs up his claim with research and anecdotes in a book called, The Happiness Advantage. You can see him explain the premise HERE.

Trust me, if there’s a way the number crunchers running your company now can squeeze a little more productivity and creativity out of you without paying you, or trusting you, more, they will.

In fact, I think I’ve found the perfect Christmas gift for Lew and Bob and Mel and whoever’s running Dial-Global these days…