You & Sondheim

and life…


Nobody goes through life unscathed, and I think if you write about those things, you’re going to touch people.”

That’s Stephen Sondheim and if you change “write” to “talk,” you have your personal mission statement.

In fact, you will write because you don’t have the luxury of free-associating any more.

You want to say it as simply, as poignantly, as possible.

There is power in brevity. Sondheim’s lyrics are proof of that.

You want to tell a story that is emotionally impactful, every day if possible.

It must be interesting.

It can be funny. It can be angry. It can be sad. It can be personal.

No, it should be personal! Stories are usually better when they’re personal because they reveal your vulnerability.

So, before tomorrow’s show, pick a topic and write any type of story you want. Edit. Re-write. Edit some more. Work on a powerful, surprising ending. Edit some more.

Just never forget your goal is to touch people.