You Must See These Movies!

The 20 Best Movies of the year…


I’ve got some recommendations for films that came out in 2016 that you may not have seen — and each one is really, really good!

MANCHESTER BY THE SEA. Stunning film on grief, with Oscar-deserving performances by Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams.

If you missed it on ESPN, you really need to see OJ: MADE IN AMERICA.

From France, ELLE, which is disturbing but which also features an amazing performance by one of my favorite French actresses, Isabelle Huppert.

MOONLIGHT. Just a beautiful, moving film.

From Germany, a wonderful film about a father and daughter and so much more: TONI ERDMAN

Already surrounded by Oscar buzz, FENCES.

Everyone’s first true love is special. MY GOLDEN DAYS, from France, reminds us how special…

THE ARMOR OF LIGHT, which explores one Conservative minister’s struggle with gun violence in America vis-å-vis his Christian beliefs.

13th, a documentary on Netflix, is the story of our times. You think slavery violates the constitution? Think again…

GREATER. This generation’s Rudy. One of those emotional, feel good stories that critic’s ignore and audiences love!

THE BEATLES: 8 DAYS A WEEK, because, well, it’s the Beatles…

THE FITS, for the amazing performance of its young star actress.

KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS. A wonderful story with a moral lesson, and the animation is great.

Kristen Stewart is really, really good in CERTAIN WOMEN.

NEWTOWN. We don’t want to see it again, which is exactly why we need to watch this film.

From the UK, a film that makes us look at us: I, DANIEL BLAKE.

I don’t even now how to describe PATERSON, but it’s great, and you’ll love the dog.


AMERICAN HONEY, just to see the amazing performance of newcomer Sasha Lane.

And finally, the most unique, amazing film of the year: EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT.

What’s your favorite movie of the year?