You Know What Drives Me Nuts?

And what it has to do with your station…


When you make people feel strong emotions, it helps sell products. The brand new ad you see below is one example.

We’ve known about this for a long time, but now the scientific evidence is mounting. We can prove it now with brain scans.

We — humans — prefer “branded content” — meaning stories that engage us emotionally — over simply watching TV ads or listening to your latest liner.

The more you make your listeners feel, the more likely they are to remember you and find you again.

Feeling = loyalty. You can see the science that backs this up  HERE.

Every great radio talent has been a wonderful story-teller.

They became their own branded content.

What? You don’t think they told stories? Your definition of “stories” is too small.

Every break was a story!

John Landecker? Wise-cracking, high energy rebel, the kid in school we all wanted to be.

Bill Gardner? Suave, sophisticated, intelligent, man-about-town…knew everyone worth knowing, noticed by every woman the moment he walked into the room.

There used to be lots of ways to tell your story. There still can be.

Both of those great air talents fit their story into their stations’ formatics.

It’s never been about length, about time; it’s always been about the content itself and the way it’s delivered.

It is so frustrating to listen to local radio, wherever I am in America on a given day, and hear no attempts at making me feel anything, except irritation at the number of spots in a stop set.

Especially now, especially in this holiday season, you have a wealth of local stories to share, and there is overwhelming proof that if you do that, and do it well, you will produce loyalty and higher ratings.

If you don’t have a Gardner or Landecker on your staff, then write and produce stories yourself; package them with great music and sfx and run one every 10-15 minutes. It may take  60, or 90 seconds, or even two minutes to tell the stories you find — but you know it will work, so why aren’t you even trying??

You play those 7-minute stop sets every hour without blinking.

Why are you so timid when it comes to producing spoken content that actually engages listener’s emotions?

If you don’t know how to start, where to start, call me. I’ll help you. I’ll do it free. That’s how much I believe in this.

I don’t care about the size of your market or where you live and work. We can find 10 great stories in an hour in any town in America.

Radio is wasting its ginormous reach by sticking braggadocious, emotion-less jabber masquerading as positioning liners between songs.

We think if we just keep it short, just make it Nielsen-friendly, we’ll succeed — but that’s only if your goal is to be tolerated, if you’re scared to death of tune-out.

I want you to focus on tuning in, on creating content that listeners actually look forward to hearing, content they come back for and tell their friends about…

Content that makes them feel.

Your station can tell stories every time your music stops, but only if you have the courage and insight to step outside the crowd and dare to sound different.



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