You Decrease Your Fear

I think so.


I’ve written before about the DO Lectures and co-founder David Hieatt, from the UK.

I would attend these much more often if I lived there. I just like the way he thinks.

I’m sharing part of his invitation to a special one day session in London in September. Why would I do that when it’s already over?

Because what he’s teaching about writing is the same stuff I’ve been teaching about spoken content.

(Anything between parentheses is from me, bringing you back to what we do on-air. All the rest are his words.)

This is powerful stuff.


What you keep doing, you will get better at.

Not just for the reason you think.

Yes, you will increase your skill.

But, as importantly, you decrease your fear.

PRO TIP: Writing (your personal on-air content) often has a brilliant side effect.

It stops you worrying about what other people think.

This is what I call ‘Releasing the handbrake.’

The reason you will get attention, regardless of which platform, is because you find your voice.

You become who you are.

You have learnt to leave a part of you in your writing (on-air content).

At that point you separate yourself from 99% of people.

The 99% know how to write (how to read liners and talk on-air).

But they DO NOT know how to make you feel something.

They have engaged the eyes (the ears).

But not the heart.

Attention MUST BE earned by triggering a part of the brain that EMOTION lights up.

That is what the 1% have learnt.

That is what you can learn.



I knew information alone wouldn’t trigger that reaction.

But stories that made people feel something could.

While other blogs (stations, air talent, on-air content) shared logic and self-promotion, I knew they would only speak to one side of the brain.

The side of the brain that gets bored easily. Hence their lack of engagement. (The 99%.)

Yet, when I wrote a personal post with honest emotion, I knew it would connect.

Emotion gets to the part of the brain involved in trust, belief and emotional decision making.

Instead of giving them a free tip, I was helping to reframe how they looked at things.

When you write that way, you’re a source of TRANSFORMATION.

You talk to the heart.

The decision-maker.

That is who the 1% talk to.


You will never run out of things to write about because you will take your everyday observations and learn how to add your insights.

These insights will provide new ways for your tribe to look at the world because of you.

In Conclusion.

If there is one thing to take away from all this: Your voice is the biggest factor in your success or failure.


When will I hear it, your real voice, your personal voice sharing personal stories that make me feel something?