Years And Years

The end is just the beginning…


It has been, without debate, the best television of the summer.

By itself, it makes a subscription to HBO worth the price, but this series will touch you in ways you don’t expect.

The best art always reflects back to us the things we want to ignore, the things we can’t bear to see.

It makes us awaken and become painfully aware of our moral choices.

It pushes us to action.

You’re wrong. Everything you’ve stored, all the downloads, those bits of me that you’ve copied onto water…you’ve got no idea what they really are. I’m not a piece of code. I’m not information. All these memories. They’re not just facts. They’re so much more than that. They’re my family, and my lover. They’re my mum, and my brother who died years ago. They’re Love. Us. What I am becoming. Love. I am Love.”

It’s not often that a television show can make me feel so much emotion, but this one has.

The writing has been superb, the acting — across every character — flawless.

Years and Years has been extraordinary. A gift.

A story for our time, right now.

I hope you watch it and persuade all you love to watch it too. And be prepared to be moved, to cry, because I think you will.