Wounded Heart

Time to heal

Life often seems so random.

It’s hard to believe in ourselves and others when circumstance crushes our hope.

It’s hard to see purpose in suffering and loss.

Yet suffering and loss are part of every life at some point, no matter how high we’re riding now, which is why life requires compassion and empathy.

You and I probably don’t know each other all that well. We don’t share our pain. We hide our flaws and vulnerability.

Today, I just felt the need to say something to try and touch that wounded heart.

To share that even in solitude and silence, especially in solitude and silence, we are never alone.

Silence is hard to find in our always-connected lives but within silence comfort can be found, if we quiet our anxiety and open our hearts to it.

The hopelessness, the emptiness you may feel now, hollows out the space needed for faith and redemption.

In that moment, we transcend circumstance and understand our connection with every other living thing.

We are made of the stuff of stars, literally, the atoms formed at the instant of the Big Bang, and that stuff never dies.

If you are reading this with a wounded heart, know that someone cares, that you are held in a greater love than you can comprehend, despite evidence to the contrary.

Believe, and be healed.