Working Mom

The toughest job on earth!



The sheer energy this woman has, that all working moms have. Watch:

When our son was young, I used to encourage Shannon to go somewhere, somewhere out of town, and take a 2-week break.

We didn’t do it that often, certainly not as often as she deserved, but boy, was it good for all three of us.

Shannon got a well-earned break. Sometimes she’d just visit San Francisco, stay at a nice hotel so she could have room service if she wanted, and basically veg for a few days.

Chad learned how wonderful his mom was because I couldn’t hold a candle to her example.

And I, I stopped taking for granted how incredibly tough each and every day is when your job, 24 hours a day, is taking care of kids this young.

If you’ve never tried it…just once…trust me…