Women and the Web

How and why women use the internet

Yahoo and research firm, AddedValue (sounds like the typical radio promotions department) released a report last week on why and how women use the internet.

If you target adult women, its worth a look.

Here are the main take-aways for the time-challenged:

  • The most important needs for women revolve around personal growth and relationships.
  • 44% of women said they got information about products and brands on women’s lifestyle sites.
  • Many women want anonymity as they search for solutions to problems so they won’t feel judged by people they know. Obiously Facebook doesn’t offer anonymity.
  • Women are most open to marketing messages on lifestyle, speciality and review sites.

For me, the only surprise was the worry about being judged causing women to seek anonymity on sites that offer solutions to problems in their lives.

I guess it shouldn’t; women feel judged constantly, on appearance, on life and career choices, on their competence as wives and mothers, in almost everything they do every day.

Its worth remembering if you want your web site to offer a richer experience to the women you hope to attract.