Will You Be Able To?


On November 3, we will have another national election. It’s an important one. All are, but this one seems especially so.

This year, more than any in my adult life, the outcome will change the course of our history.

Are you registered to vote? Find out HERE.

If you’ve never registered, or if your name has been dropped from voter rolls, you can register HERE.

Local governments have made it extremely difficult to vote in many locations, especially for voters of color. They may have closed dozens of poll locations in your state without even notifying you.

They’re hoping that long lines and long journeys to a polling place will discourage voters of color.

And this year, COVID is a legitimate concern. One state already required voters to risk infection by voting in person.

But you can request an absentee ballot and vote by mail. Do that HERE.

You can find the specifics of your state’s requirements to vote HERE.

Please. Vote!

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