Will TALK Radio Spark More Violence?

Holland Cooke, in a post you must read

I know Holland Cooke. WBIG (still the single best OLDIES station I’ve ever heard anywhere) was fortunate enough to have Holland as sort of a “super swing talent” at one point back in the 90s when I consulted the station.  If you’ve never heard Holland do a music format as a jock, you should. He’s good.

But the reason I want you to pay attention to Holland today is not because he’s a good disc jockey.

Holland is now a respected TALK Radio consultant, who works with some of the biggest talent in the business. So when Holland tells me he’s worried that the tone of much of TALK Radio is leading to violence, I take him seriously.

And so should you.

If you work in TALK Radio and/or just listen to it, you need to read this, and share it. It’s important.

We can disagree with each other on a wide range of topics, but hyperbole used to drive ratings is shameful when it crosses the line of civlity and safety. Fear-mongering for the sake of increasing ratings is past the point of irresponsibiity. It is dangerous, and should be condemned.

Those who command the biggest stages bear the most responsibility, and I doubt whether Holland can actually change their behavior. Rush and Sean and Glenn don’t really take feedback from anyone, as much a matter of ego as openness.

Still, I applaud him for trying.

It’s the right thing to do.