Why Your Name Matters

Now, more than ever…

If you left your station tomorrow, would listeners care?

Would they even notice?

If all you do is sound friendly and paraphrase a few forgettable lines 4 times an hour, you can be replaced by someone who will do it cheaper, and possibly better.

And these days, what can happen will happen.

If you work for either Clear Channel or Cumulus, you’re about to be downsized, as if you didn’t know that.

Your only protection is to be completely unique, to be so different and compelling every time I hear you that when you’re fired I notice, and I care.

You’re probably saying, “Doh! If I sound different and compelling today, I’ll get fired today for sounding different and compelling, for not following the company plan.”

Ahhh, yes, grasshopper, you are correct.

But my way, you at least have the possibility of a future.

Your name matters because if anyone can replace it with theirs and no one notices, you’re wasting your chance to be Ryan or Kidd or Howard — each of whom has been fired for being who they are.

It’s harder to be unique and remarkable, every break, every show, every day, but it’s your only hope.


If you’re going to lose your job, wouldn’t you rather lose it being who you really are?

Wouldn’t you rather strike out swinging for the fences rather than never taking the bat off your shoulders?