Why You Should Care

All of us should!


5 minutes.

That’s all it takes to understand how heinous our betrayal of the Kurds is. This is a betrayal even FOX News acknowledges.

Turkey has, by far, the best equipped military in the region, including an advanced air force, which no army in this fight can match.

And the Turks will wipe out their traditional enemy, the Kurds. There will be ethnic cleansing, which sounds so polite and antisceptic, but which involves the systematic murder and extermination of all those of Kurdish descent.

It should be a crime.

We need to care enough to try to keep this mass murder from continuing. That starts with loud complaints to your representatives in Congress.

Today, we wonder how the world sat silently while the Nazis killed 6 million Jews. This is how. Silence. Not caring.

We’re better than this. We should be better than this.