Why you matter


Back on my home continent after 19 hours on planes and in airports, I hear a produced sweeper between two really good songs. It’s talking about listening at work. It is a Saturday night.

Why does this bother me?

Most people don’t even hear it. My wife and son didn’t, and they were in the car with me.

It bothers me for precisely that reason: Radio has trained listeners to not listen, to not hear when we speak, because what we say to them is so meaningless.

It bothers me because I know I can prove that when you make someone feel deeply they become more deeply engaged with you. And engagement is the real measure of your station’s reach. And every spoken word offers that possibility.

I know stations around the world that prove this and dominate their markets, regardless of ratings methodology.

This is why I continually hammer my theme, why I continually pester the NAB and the Worldwide Radio Summit and Radio Days to invite other voices, these voices, that know the value of doing it a different way.

There is a story to tell to those willing to listen.

I’ll share it with you any time you want to talk.