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Why Wouldn’t You?

Why Wouldn’t You?


Why wouldn’t you have a section on your station website that lets your air staff recommend their favorite new songs, with links, so listeners can hear and download them. You know…like the “Recommended by staff” section at Barnes & Noble…

And why wouldn’t you let every visitor to your website “vote” on which new songs are their favorites this week?

Why wouldn’t you create a streamed station that is programmed entirely by listeners, as if it were a giant community iPod? Listeners pick what they want to hear next online, and each person can see the next 5 upcoming songs? You could make the potential library HUGE, so there really is variety, from Alternative to Classical…

If Ryan Seacrest, or Lady GaGa had their own streamed radio stations, and they featured only the songs they loved best, along with an occasional, brief artist and/or celebrity chat, why wouldn’t that be hugely popular?

You think Coke might want to have an exclusive sponsorship, with one spot per half hour, on the Ryan Seacrest, or Lady GaGa station?

And if it’s good enough for Ryan and GaGa, why couldn’t your Morning Show do the same? Sort of like entree to your biggest talent’s iPod, only with local content and celebrities…

Why wouldn’t you create a special streamed station hosted by local high school and college talent, a station where they could play anything they want and all the content is hyper-local?

Why wouldn’t you hire a company to create your own app so that your listeners could hear these separate stations on their cell phones, or iPads?

There’s probably a good reason. I just don’t know what it is…