Why Wouldn’t You Do This?

Why Wouldn’t You Do This?

I mean, seriously…


As with all really great ideas, it seems so obvious, so simple.

Here, watch:

They can’t cost that much to make, and they give you an opportunity to put your brand all over your town.

You could partner with neighborhood churches or boy scout troops. Whatever…

And you could place them near grocery stores, 7-Eleven convenience type stores, public schools, or firehouses so they’re easy to find, and easy for people to leave donated food.

Then, you simply promote them.

You remind listeners where they can find them.

And every once in a while, you shoot your own video, for your website and YouTube or Facebook channel.

The hungry and poor benefit.

Those who donate benefit, because giving and helping always feels good.

And your station benefits, because you’re taking positive action that is focused on your local community.

I just can’t see a downside.