Why Would You Go to That Concert?

Tickets cost how much?


On my most recent flight home, the guy sitting next to me volunteered he’s coming to Denver to take his son to a concert at Red Rocks.


Why do people go to concerts?

Tickets are super expensive now and the vast majority of attendees aren’t close enough to the stage to see all that well.

The music is so loud it can actually hurt.

The venue is usually hot and crowded, you have to pay for parking and drinks, and it takes forever to get home.

So why go to all that trouble to hear music you can hear at home on better speakers without spending a small fortune??

Because the best bands, the best performers, create an emotional experience.

They create emotional connections, and they offer the promise of a unique, shared experience that you can relive later.

That’s what that father was hoping for taking his son to the show at Red Rocks.

Isn’t that what we should want our air talent to do?

Is your air talent capable of delivering content today worthy of remembering?

Isn’t that your job, to help your talent do their best work every day?

What are you doing to help make that happen?