Who’s Listening?

Do you really know?

Now that perceptual research is so rare, it’s more important than ever for someone inside your station to be digging deeply into what drives your success.

1. Who is listening? Not demographics, but a personal picture and story about her.

2. What does she value? What is important to her? Time? Money? Family? Community? Security?

3. Where does she spend her time, both with you, and when she leaves you? We can know that now, can’t we?

4. Where does she spend her money, and what does she spend it on? Needs vs Wants. Fantasy vs Reality.

5. Who does she trust? This may be implicit once you answer the other 4, but if not, keep digging, because this answer is important.

It’s not that I think research can program your station, but you can never know too much about who’s listening, so if real research isn’t in your budget, you need to find other ways to answer these questions.