Who Has The Courage?

A guest post


One of the best parts of my life as a consultant has been meeting many brilliant and talented programmers, managers, and air talent.

Many became, and remain, great friends. That is the case for today’s guest post from Bob Wood:


Who has courage?

Not the jock who is given eight seconds to plug the group contest or concert or website.

Not the PD who ‘does three stations’ and pulls an air shift.

Not the market manager who is lost in sales figures.

Not the Format captain who is hammering his stations into sound-alikes.

Not the regional VP who is driving from town to town to town.

Not the National ops person who is loading the pipeline with initiatives.

Not the company president, who is jetting to Cannes to show and tell.

Courage. To try. To fail. To resonate. To matter.

…has been eliminated, lost in a time of bankruptcy, desperation, homogeneity.

The Beatles had courage. Turned down by so many record companies.

Tom Petty had courage.

Freddie Mercury had courage.

And look what that courage brought.


Wood is good.
Heard all over the world.
Read what producers and clients say, and hear why:
Narrations/commercials. Broadcast/web excellence.


Bob’s one of the really good people in our business, not just talented and creative, but good, someone you will be proud to have on your team.