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Where The Magic Is

Where The Magic Is

This is the key to your success!


Every business decision has a twin called justification. Justification’s role in business life is to make the decision look smart and protect it from criticism. That’s why justification loves data. Data is objective and dependable.”

“But let’s not confuse justification (and it’s best friend, data) with the decision-making process itself. Feelings come first. Whatever choices we are making — at work, at home, at play — feelings ultimately rule.”

When decision-makers are considering your company or brand, it’s not what they know; it’s what they feel that matters most.”

“So tell your story in human terms. Show people the heart of your business and what makes it beat. Don’t just sell them your product; help them buy into your business and what it represents. That’s where the magic is.”

“We aren’t looking for replicas of ourselves when we choose friends and lovers. We are drawn to people with passions, thoughts and feelings that complement our own. We love in them what we can’t find in ourselves.”

“For an idea to have value in the world of marketing communications it must make you feel; it should provoke laughter, touch a nerve and create excitement for a brand.”

“Even if we have messages for the head, we should always seek to gain entry through the heart. To be humanly relevant our work should be founded on emotion.”

“That’s true for every kind of customer whether it’s a consumer or a business decision maker.”

~ Christopher Becker, from Customers Want Emotional Connections, Not Data, Ad Week