Where Our Treasure Is

Uh oh…


We can’t say we were never warned.

It’s been crystal clear for generations now: America has the best government money can buy.

$2.1 billion. BILLION!

That’s how much money’s been spent from December 28, 2021 through July 5, 2022 just to influence primary voters.

Think how much more will be stuffed into the pockets of those politicians by the time voting ends on November 8. And this is an off-year election. We won’t vote on Presidential candidates for over two more years!

Now think how often we see pure altruism, really wealthy people doing without so someone less wealthy can close the gap between “Haves” and “Have-Nots.”

I’m not saying it never happens. It does, and I’ve been a beneficiary. And we’ve all read about the generosity of MacKenzie Scott.

I’m talking about political spending, money spent to affect the laws that govern us.

That is not altruistic. It’s virtual bribery. It’s proof that America is a plutocracy.

Money is so dirty no amount of hand-washing can cleanse us now.

Truth? We cannot serve two masters

We say we believe, we claim to be a Christian nation, but we don’t act like it.