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Where Are All The Funny Women?

Where Are All The Funny Women?

Come on, Radio!


Why aren’t there more really funny women on the radio? It can’t be because there aren’t any.

I know some female air talent who’re hilarious and wildly unpredictable. You’ve probably heard air checks of Jamie, Frosty and Frank, a show that first aired on ALICE in Denver decades ago. Jamie drove all of the content and 95% of the laughs.

On most stations today, 3 decades later, the female role is still as a reactor to, rather than the generator of, funny content.

It’s like Radio is living in the 19th century rather than the 21st.

And while we’re standing naked in front of the radio mirror, why do we let guys say stuff we wouldn’t accept from women on the air? What’s up with that?

This woman makes me laugh every time I hear her speak:

We also need to recognize that worrying a little bit about what she’ll say next is part of why it works.

Don’t try to tell me that women don’t love other funny women? Not with Ellen’s populariity:

Who are the Top 5 funniest female air talents today?

Why aren’t we looking for more?