When You Have Nothing To Say

This will help…

My friend, VO artist extraordinaire, Tom Pagnotti, gives credit for this to Charlie Parker:

When you don’t have anything to say — don’t say it.”

As often as I plead for content that is powerful and emotional and worth talking about, I also believe just as deeply that if all you’re going to offer me is “Making your work day go faster” or “Taking the stress out of your day” or any of the other maddeningly inane liners I hear everywhere, you should just stop talking.

My car radio tells me the name of the song, and the artist.
I already know what time it is.
It’s incredibly easy to check weather anywhere in the world now in 15 seconds.
My smart phone gives me alternate routes through traffic jams.

So, when you don’t have anything to say, do us all a favor: Don’t say it.