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What’s The What?

What’s The What?

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I’ve always thought Summer is the best season for Radio.

Christmas music may prove that statistically incorrect, but Summer still feels like the best of Radio to me.

Beach music. Hot hits at the pool. Glancing at the car next to you and seeing its driver singing along with the song you’re hearing and singing along to as well.

Every song sounds better in the summer.

Summer’s also just about the perfect time for fun games and contests that Radio has always done so well, not for hype or ratings boosting, but just to add listener involvement and fun to their listening.

It’s also a great time to get up from your desk, get into your car, and drive aimlessly, listening to your station and your competitors, and let your mind drift to what may be possible on your station in the months and years ahead.


Thinking about the product, the reason listeners choose your station over the others.

You’re not looking for answers during this creative exercise. You’re looking for questions.

What should you be thinking about that you’ve been too busy to consider?

What could you do that would set your market on fire, capture the imagination of everyone who hears you, create a viral stampede that drowns out all other stations?

What’s the what that should be percolating in your subconscious?

It’s my favorite part of the job.

And today is the perfect day to start.