What You Must Do As A Leader

And it can’t be faked.

We know now that emotions are contagious.

Happy begets happy. Confidence inspires confidence. Anxiety spreads like a wildfire.

It’s all over our headlines today. Schools shutting down, fearful of Ebola. Stock markets plunging.

We need real leadership — (rather than political gamesmanship) — more than ever.

It’s easy to understand this viscerally when it comes to politics and government, less so when we apply it to our business.

There is very little good news about the future of Radio. We lose the PR battle with Pandora and Spotify every day because we never sell a positive story that resonates on a global scale.

You and I don’t control the decisions made at the very top of Radio companies, but we do control the emotional tone within our station, and circle of friends.

Be inspired. Yes, inspired.

Find the passion that brought you to Radio in the beginning, before you “knew” it was a dead-end industry, before you were forced to compromise the product for short-term revenue.

Because to inspire others, you must first be inspired yourself. Inspiration is contagious, but it cannot be faked.

If you can’t find it, if you can’t feel it, you can’t spread it.

It starts with you.