What Would You Do?

From one of Radio’s great programmers.

What I would do if I had hundreds of radio stations?

I’d pick several with good signals to be experiments – to ‘find the Future’ and explore new possibilities. 

I’d be looking for new, better approaches, formats, mixes, talent, imaging…

I’d need those staffs to be mindful of the prototyping, that it might not work, and if it does, big bonuses for all, with no threat of failure-fires.

Every year car companies put forth concept cars, as looks into the future.

Even clothes fashions change every season and year.

So let’s embrace the future, find some top thinkers /performers and imagineer the new radio:

  • More engaging talk than 8 seconds per break. 
  • Fewer and better commercials.
  • Clever mix of the regulars with some unexpected variety…
  • Whole albums at 11PM? 

I could go on and on and on.

There’s so much unexplored territory in radio – just like our oceans. 

Why don’t the big companies explore the possibilities?


That’s my friend, Bob Wood. You can meet him HERE. He’s worth calling.