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The world lost a bit of hope on Friday, and the Russian people lost one of their true heroes, when it was announced that Alexei Navalny had died in a Siberian prison.

If you have not yet watched the Oscar-winning documentary about Navalny, you should do so this weekend. He was an amazing man in every way as this film will show you:

The film is still airing free on HBO MAX, or on the BBC iPlayer in the UK. Here’s a way to watch it free no matter where you’re reading this today.

Navalny was an extraordinary and courageous patriot, silenced and eventually killed by Putin.

“Navalny laid down his life fighting for the freedom of the country he loved. Putin is a murderous, paranoid dictator. History will not be kind to those in America who make apologies for Putin and praise Russian autocracy. Nor will history be kind to America’s leaders who stay silent because they fear backlash from online pundits.”

That is a quote from a United States Senator, Thom Tillis, Republican, from North Carolina.