What’s Your Story?


I’ve written about Story Corps before. In fact, I’ve used the story you’ll see chosen as his example during this TED talk:

Everyone Has A Story

I wish every radio station around the world would make this part of the air talent’s weekly duties, recording someone’s story.

It’s terrific practice in the art of asking great questions.

It will help you learn to be a better listener.

And it will open up the world of human emotions that surround you and with which we, in our radio studios, so rarely interact.

The process is messy, and time-consuming, and probably won’t produce a segment brief enough to use on your radio show, so it will be easy to ignore this today and never give it a second thought.

It will be your loss if you do.

Just try it once. Give it one chance.

I know a super-talented Morning Show host, enormously successful in her market, who did this not so long ago. She took the chance to pick up an old lady who was walking to her doctor’s appointment. It was hot, and my friend was worried about the old lady.

And on the way to the doctor’s office, she listened to this old lady’s story — and then shared it with me and with her listeners.

As I said, she is enormously successful. This is one of the reasons why.