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What’s Your Emotional IQ

What’s Your Emotional IQ


This video is short, about 2 minutes. I found it on AdAge.

It’s actually about the need for emotional intelligence when using social media, but every point Jonah Paretti, Founder and CEO of Buzzfeed, makes about Facebook and Twitter is true for your on-air talent:

Succeding with social media, or radio, is about “…looking at (or hearing) a piece of content and saying, ‘If I saw this on my Facebook wall (or heard this on my station), would I have an emotion, would I laugh and then would I want to share it with other people?”

And when I share it with other people would it make me look like I’m a good person or look smart or would it make me look like a jerk?”

Too often, the on-air talent that gets industry attention is doing the equivalent of leaking cell phone pictures of a naked Scarlett Johansson. This seems especially true of Morning Shows and Talk Radio.

We don’t give enough credit to those doing it the harder way. The old-fashioned Dick Clark way. The Ryan Seacrest way, the Kidd Kraddick way.

You might consider that, and then listen to either of those two Morning Shows online. And if you know any other air talent doing a show with emotional intelligence, let us hear about them. We need to shine a spotlight their way.

It comes down to this, really:

  • How much of your content is really good enough to be worth sharing?
  • How much of your content is brief enough to share?
  • Do you make it one-click easy to share this content on multiple platforms?