What’s Up With McDonald’s?

This is a huge change

McDonald’s spends a lot of money on marketing, every season, every market, every year.

But this — this is a huge change for them:

McDonald’s has trained me to see spots about contesting, and food products, not community involvement.

And they’re not alone among food companies now hoping to connect emotionally…

Cheerios reflects a bit of reality in this spot, the struggle many families are having in an economy where one job simply isn’t enough to make ends meet.

Here’s the finished spot, in case you haven’t seen it:

So, what do you think of these?

As you see more and more brands using emotional connection to drive consumer behavior at the purchase point, does that fact make you more likely to try something similar on your station?

If you think your talent can’t handle real content, can’t make listeners feel in 90 seconds or less, what does that say about you, as a director, and the quality of talent you’ve hired?

If you are the air talent and your only content is liners and breezy weather ad libs, why are you wasting your talent?

They’re already listening to you. Make that a memorable choice today.

Be the difference someone out there needs you to be today.