What’s In A Name?


Clear Channel’s gotten lots of free publicity about their name change.

The company is now iHEARTMEDIA.


Suddenly their stations sound so much better! Don’t you think?

All that top talent. Live and local talent on every station in every market!

And they dropped from 20 units to 8 units an hour, and that counts all the traffic and weather spots too.

I can’t turn on TV without seeing them marketing these great new, revitalized stations. They must be spending a small fortune to make us all aware of this new life-changing reality…



The only thing they changed was their name?

They still have massive debt which will never be repaid?

The only new expenditures will be the millions it costs for new logos and stationary and business cards?

This whole thing was just cosmetic, a bit of hype for Wall Street — nothing at all for listeners and employees?


Never mind….