What Might Have Been

Ahhh, the pain this causes…


At the heart of boldness, regret is missing the opportunity for growth, for what could have been.

We miss a shot at authenticity, to be who we want to be, who we were meant to be.

We play it safe, and that means settling for less, not just less financially, but less spiritually because we never dared to reach our own potential.

We let someone else decide who we are and how we are measured.

When asked, ‘How often do you look back on your life and wish you had done things differently?’ – you know what people said?

‘Only 1% of our respondents said that they never engage in such behavior – and fewer than 17% do it rarely. Meanwhile, about 43% are doing it frequently or all the time. In all, a whopping 82% say that this activity is at least occasionally part of their lives, making Americans far more likely to experience regret than they are to floss their teeth.’ “

The quotes are from The Power of Regret by Daniel Pink. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time.

But before you buy that book, check out Eric Barker’s post about regret, HERE.

Look, if you’re going to fail as an air talent, wouldn’t you at least like to fail doing what you believe is your best material?

And if you’re going to fail as a programmer, don’t you want to do it using your best insights and instincts about which songs to play when, which air talent deserves to be on your team, and which contests you run and when??

And once you realize the very worst thing that can happen to you at your station, doing what you believe – what you know – is the right thing, is failure…well, it seems kind of silly to be afraid of that.

Because we all fail all the time no matter how successful we are.

Check out the post linked above, then take a chance and read Dan Pink’s book.

Trust yourself! Trust your instincts, your talent, your resiliency.

Life’s too short for regret about the thing that consumes most of our time: our work – and – as far as we know – this is the only one you get.

Life, that is. Not job.