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What Makes An Idea Great?

What Makes An Idea Great?

The criteria have changed

I’m a fan of Edward Boches. His blog Creativity Unbound is worth reading every day.

Several months ago he had a fascinating post about creative ideas, and what makes them great.

His simple premise was that before the advent of social media an idea was considered great if it was fresh, original, unexpected, and perfectly executed.

But if you believe that social media and interconnectivity have truly changed the way ideas are spread and brands are built, the way we judge great ideas has changed.

If consumers are no longer content to be passive, if experiences that permit their participation are key to forming brand relationships, then to be truly great an idea must be:

  • easily shareable
  • participatory
  • truly interactive … and
  • continuous

Going all Christmas music has clearly been a great idea, especially for AC stations, in most markets.

But looking at Boches’ criteria for a “great idea” I’m wondering what you might do to make your Christmas programming even better.

I’d love to hear your ideas.

If you’d like to hear mine, call me.

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