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What Kind of Company

What Kind of Company

Would do this?


In the wake of the mass firings this year, I began thinking of how things might be different if the radio company you work for showed real gratitude for your work.

No one comes to the office or studio hoping to disappoint, to provide their worst effort.

Everyone working at your station wants to do a good job, even on those days when they don’t succeed.

But the guys at the very top of the food chain in radio companies must see us, the grunts who create the content, deliver the content, sell the spots, produce the spots, schedule the spots, plan the promotions, attend the promotions and on and on and on…they must see us as unnecessary cogs in their giant machine.


They must because they keep finding new reasons to fire us.

What would happen if a Radio company actually showed gratitude for the work that makes those top executives wealthy?

What if they saw us as irreplaceable assets?

What kind of Radio company would have, as part of its mission statement, the goal of making us — the employees — grateful for our jobs, because we’re being treated so well?

How much better would they treat us — pay us — if that was the main goal?

What would change, on the air and off, if this company did its best to make us feel as if our individual work made a difference, if they regularly and publicly let us know our work mattered?

I don’t know, but I’d work free to find out if you know a company willing to be radically different from those radio companies we now work for…