What If?

The answer is…

What if, instead of a headline that reads “BIG PAYDAYS FOR THE CHIEFS IN MEDIA” we saw one that trumpeted re-hiring of the tens of thousands who’ve lost their jobs in the past decade?

What if your job description as CEO or President of your group started with, “I will care for, and better the lives of, each one of my employees as if they were members of my family”?

What if there was a clause in your CEO contract that said, “…before even one employee is fired, my compensation, and that of every member of the executive management team, will first be cut by half”?

The job wouldn’t be worth it at $2 million, or $500,000?

What if your job description as Vice President of Programming, or General Manager, had a clause that explicitly stated, “I will encourage creativity from each member of my staff, understanding that there will be failure, there must be failure, before new and better ideas can become entrenched; and, I will sacrifice 50% of my own perqs and pay before I allow any member of my team to become the sacrifice for decisions I encouraged“?

What if your job description as Program Director stated, “I will find a way today to help my Air Staff create something so unusual, so impactful, that it will amaze and delight every person who hears it; and I will radiate positive energy so as to encourage every member of my team to keep striving in the face of failure and rejection and to spread hope and optimism“?

How would that change the way you spend your time once you walk into the office, and how would that change the way you coach your talent?

What if your job description as an Air Talent started with, “I will spend every waking minute thinking of ways to create content so compelling, so emotionally-bonding, that every time I speak on the air today, someone will hear words that resonate personally, that open hearts to love, and heal hearts that are wounded, that produce delight and joy and laughter“?

How would that change your preparation? How would that change your content? How would that change your openness to coaching?

How would that change your image of those who listen?

Whether you’re the CEO or the weekend, parttime air talent, you can make each statement a part of your job description.

All you need is courage. 


The courage to stand alone because sometimes it takes one person to stand up, to show the rest of us the way, to remind us there is honor in doing what’s right.

And when you do, you will attract others as moths to a flame because you will be so rare as to be noticeable, remarkable.

True leadership is always sacrificial and inspiring.