What If This Guy Is Right?

We could cure Alzheimers and ALS right now.


My mom died with advanced dementia.

Despite her good humor about what her life became, it was an awful way to die.

I also lost a dear friend, way too young, to ALS, the cruelest of all, in my opinion. Your mind, untouched, realizes everything that’s happening as your body relentlessly shuts down, taking more and more of you daily until you can no longer breathe.

It’s a rare family that doesn’t have any worries about Alzheimers. And it feels like more and more people are dying of ALS or living with Parkinson’s Disease.

So what if this guy is on to a potential cure? Watch:

(If the video won’t go full screen, click on the link below)


You can read the article I read HERE or access the video directly HERE.

I’m betting you know someone who could use a dose of hope today.