What I Miss About Radio

Barb’s journey…

I don’t know one person who doesn’t like and respect Barb Richards.

Last year, Barb left radio after a couple of decades running the best station in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was a difficult decision for her, and it hasn’t been easy — which is one of the reasons I am so grateful she agreed to write a monthly note to us this first year, sharing the good and the bad. Her courage and her honesty always touch hearts of readers of this blog. She continues to lead…

Ten months later…what I miss about radio…

Sure, my transition out of radio has gone very well and I am grateful for all of it. It was a good switch for me. I grew the station with community involvement so it was a natural transition that I would work myself eventually into a community job.

When people ask if I miss radio, my reply is always ‘Yes! I will always miss radio.’

I will miss that ‘personality.’ It’s a special kind of job. It resides in my heart, always.

I miss being able to share my thoughts with the listeners and I know they held on to my every word. <ahem> Actually, it was always a great compliment to me when someone repeated something I had said on the radio. I really do miss that.

I miss the parking passes that let me soar through detours and closed streets, and allowed me to park next to the door. I miss not having to pay for parking because I was working the event.

I miss being ‘media.’ Now I’m just one of the rest of humanity. I don’t get to go to work when roads are snow-covered because I am not ‘essential personnel’ anymore.

I miss the free tickets to concerts, fairs, festivals, etc. I never let a ticket go to waste, so each Friday at 5pm left-over tiekcts went to whoever wanted them. Yep, I got to a lot of free shows that way.

I miss the opportunity to make extra money. Remotes, endorsements, voice-overs, MC gigs, etc. Right now, I still have several of those things going on but I imagine they will slowly go away. Believe you me, I am trying to grab what I can before people forget me. 🙂

I miss some people, of course. On Facebook the other day there was a post that said, ‘the hardest thing is not talking to someone you used to talk to every day.’ But the ones that are still most important to me, I reach out to and we get together on a regular basis. Still, it’s different. I miss my friends.

I say to people that have lost a loved one: “The best compliment you can give them is to miss them. That means they had a positive impact on you and your life.”

I miss radio.

And that’s ok.

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