What Great Managers Do

Is this you?


I kind of think about most of this stuff as English gardening. If you want an English garden most of the work is actually the pruning and the taking care of. It’s not the planting, it’s not the plant selection. It’s this constant pruning. The day that you stop pruning is the day that the garden is full of weeds and overrun.”

That’s David Cancel, CEO of Drift in an interview with Claire Lew. I subscribe to her blog because she always offers great insights.

I love the imagery of this analogy.

Pruning is not simply removing plants and trees from your garden, it’s the constant, on-going care of them, to help them thrive and show their best to all viewers.

This is your job if you manage or coach anyone, but especially on-air talent.

Whether you’re a GM, a PD, or higher up the executive chain of command, you’ll benefit by reading THIS.